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Recently in Australia there has been growing public concern regarding environmental sustainability which in turn has created a push to recycle and reuse resources.

Taurus Mats is committed to environmentally friendly products using sustainable manufacturing processes. Our tyre-derived matting utilises a circular economy model which employs not only waste management, but reuse, recycling and responsible manufacture thereby reducing emissions and increasing efficient use of natural resources including energy, water and materials.

Tyres endure a vast range of surfaces and conditions during their practical life. Through re-engineering the hard wearing, durable properties of tyres, Taurus Mats have been able to turn a wide-ranging, long-term waste into a valuable resource. Upcycling locally sourced tyres using our low energy manufacturing procedure allows for a substantially reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional tyre recycling processes.

Being part of the solution towards tackling the Australian tyre stockpile problem is something that Taurus Mats is extremely proud of.