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Our Story

A Simple Solution for two Big Issues

Founded in 2018 by Owen Henry, Taurus Mats was inspired by visiting several large cattle enterprises and witnessing first hand the benefits of using woven tyre mats. The only option at the time for these mats was to import them from America. Using experience gained from the agricultural equipment business and years of handling cattle, Owen decided to customise the technology and produce woven tyres mats locally in Australia.

With funding assistance from Tyre Stewardship Australia, Taurus Mats was formed to produce a solution that involved low energy upcycling of Australian scrap tyres. Use of the mats means that for hooved animals such as cattle, slip or fall injuries are considerably reduced. Not only are injuries reduced but most importantly the overall wellbeing of the animal is improved from the comfort underfoot and the increased traction. The reduction in dust, abrasion, bruising and stress levels leads to healthier animals. By caring for their animals and improving handling of the livestock, the farmer ultimately benefits through cost savings.

Today, Taurus Mats are Australia’s only woven tyre mat manufacturer. By providing high quality “tyre tough” mats, Taurus provides a solution for two big issues – the humane treatment of cattle and utilising the ever-growing stockpile of scrap tyres.  

Owen lives with his family on a small farm at Yandina Creek on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast