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Other Uses

A versatile & reusable solution to environmental problems

Erosion Control


Taurus Mats provide erosion control by protecting the soil from erosive forces caused by high velocity liquid discharge. They also assist in reducing the water turbidity by limiting the suspended sediment .

Blast Mats

drill rig

Whether it is for the construction sector or mining industry, our tyre tough woven mats are an invaluable blasting tools for fly rock prevention, air blast minimisation and dust suppression.


Access Roads


Here a Taurus Mat is being used as a temporary ground cover across difficult terrain on an access road. The mats create a platform for vehicles by spreading the load bearing surface. Very handy in a bog! Our mats are also useful on difficult boat ramps.

Road Protection


The durable rubber/steel composition of our matting withstands traffic from cars, trucks and tracked machinery including dozers, loaders, drilling rigs and excavators – making them perfect for protecting valuable road surfaces.

Soil Stabilisation


Our tyre tough matting offers soil stabilisation solutions across a wide range of soil and substrate types. In this instance the Taurus Mat is providing a stiffened base layer allowing for greater load support.

Tray Linings


Our matting can be custom made to protect truck and ute tray from just about anything that can be thrown at it. Nothing comes close to the adaptability durability, traction and strength of the woven tyre mat. Dog not included as an optional extra. 

Nothing comes close to the adaptability, durability, traction and strength of the woven tyre mat.